Sandra Zegarra Patow is a Peruvian artist currently studying IMD (Interactive Media Design) at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. She has a deep connection with her Peruvian roots and composes images that are in poetic harmony with the odd. Through distorted bodies, dreamy patterns and out of nature colors she invites people to look into her mind.

Born in Lima, Peru in 1987. At the age of six she moved with her parents and her four year old little brother to Rotterdam, The Netherlands where she spent her childhood. In her free time she danced, record stories and made songs with her little brother. Straight after school she would go home to watch her ‘novellas ‘ – one of the few possibilities to be connected with her South American roots. At the age of 16 she went to the Hofplein Theatre to learn acting, dancing and singing to become an actress. At that time she got a camera from her mother as a present. From that moment on she was getting more into photography. She realised that she wanted to do this on a professional level. She studied at the Graphic Design academy where she was allowed to skip a class because of her progress. After 4 successful years she graduated from the Graphic Design academy and continued her studies at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, where she is still a student.

Artist Statement

I am Inspired by my Peruvian roots, I compose images in a poetic harmony of the odd. With distorted bodies, dreamy patterns and out of nature colors, I invite people to look into my mind. With the Ayahuasca series I wanted to open a conversation about what people have in mind when they think of Ayahuasca. The experience of Ayahuasca happens when self-consciousness and awareness become able to draw clearer connections between thoughts, questioning emotions and human behavior. It gives you an experience of seeing the full picture of parts of our life, our relationships, our difficulties or problems, leading to insights about oneself and deeper comprehension of one’s reality. I used the mental and physical transformation as a focus point to this series. Inez Naomi was the stylist in this project. With this series, I chose to use a lot of bright colors and graphical prints because it amplifies the visual story I want to tell. Constantly pushing the barriers of the comfortable I question the space we are used to see and turn it into a psychedelic sphere.

Fotovakschool basisopleiding

2007- 2010
Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam


januari 2009
Las Palmas (subject : fairytail)
Nederlands fotomuseum Rotterdam

maart 2009

24 juni 2011

24 mei tot en met 27 mei 2012
nieuwe binnenweg 197

Vief en Vuig
kruiskade 26
3 till 30 august 2012

BAR Rotterdam
21 November 2013

Blender Rotterdam
25 January 2015

Cafe Cultura
14 november till 1 January 2016 

KOTI (Kids of the industrie)

Cretopia op de West-Kruiskade

8 april 2016