Stay Cozy

Stay Cozy

The latest news we’ve heard from Cozy in addition to his Eyes single, along with a perceptively visualized vid in the heart of Rotterdam. Throughout this editorial, Cozy discusses Marilyn Manson, David Bowie, The power of femininity, Upcoming EP, working on his sound, Affiliation with ANBU and more.

For the once’s who do not know why is Stay Cozy here is a little intro about him.

How did cozy come about.
Well my name is Cisco as in Francisco, from there on we started brainstorming and evolving and we landed on cozy. Which fitted because I tend to fall asleep a lot, everywhere. Especially after drinking and consuming anything, my body is like okay it’s time to sleep now. I can’t even recall how many times I’ve fallen asleep in local döner shops or in the club. But then I had to change my name because Cozy was copyrighted and now it’s StayCozy, so that’s a bit rebellious I find.


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