It seems that you can tell a person’s taste in music solely by the way they dress or act. It is also important to understand that when one likes a piece of music, it becomes meaningful to a particular person, some of the meaning of that song will inhere in the style or genre in which it is composed or performed. Thus, the MincedMilk team gathered three creative individuals and so created a Soundsystem concept consisted of Holland based upcoming/lowkey dj’s. As we live in the era of dj’s, skilled in marketing and social media, the fan base and exposure is fully at their fingertips following the generation Z criteria, the young gods that master the creative society.

And so on our concept was brought to life in collaboration with The Link Up — Rotterdam based event, mainly focused on the local urban scene combined with trending sounds featuring their motto “linking up”. With this event we wanted to expose the main reason why culture determines and engages music, bringing the likes of Lyzza, YungAmadeus and Rosfrom04, rerunning future sounds including their own drive.

MincedMilk Soundsystem | culture determines music

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