Summer days in Peru

Verano in Peru

Cab’s honking and honking, letting everyone know that it is passing by. The Traffic jams at Javier Prado are known to be never-ending. It is like standing still on a desert highway to Las Vegas. On top of that, the heat transforms cars into mini ovens. Hot, dusty, noisy, and frustrating. The only good thing about this highway is the possibility to buy ice cream and drinks with Maracuyá flavor for one Sol.

The Cab drivers offer their services with their known phrase: do you need a ride preciosa?

I always try to speak the least possible, due to my foreign accent. The thing is once they pick up on that, their behavior towards you automatically changes. Sometimes charging more than what it is. I keep my mouth shut and the reason for this is because if I do speak they will instantly know that I am not from there. My Spanish is colored with my Rotterdam accent. I call it La Cholandesa, a phrase I adopted from mi Madre.

Chola = is Spanish language slang term applied to individuals of mixed indigenous Amerindian and Spanish ancestry.

Mi tia takes the charge to negotiate a price to take us to Gamarra. People are laughing about a silly joke while passing us by. Do you smell that? Que rico huele.

El pan fresquito en la manana..

We get in the cab. Do you hear that?

Senor puedes subir el volume? Me encanta esa cancion.

*Daddy Yankee & Anuel AA – Adictivaaaaa me degastes con las ganas de provar mas de tiiii

Gamarra: is a place where which has a long street full of small shops, big shops, and informal shops that will sell anything you want, except drugs, passports, or Cuy, which is the Peruvian word for a Guinea pig. It is a mix of a legal and a flea market. If you are looking for clothes and shoes especially, this is the place to go.

But like most of the things in life, you have to work for it and by work, in that sense, you have to stand the heat, the overpopulated streets, and the noise.

The alluring part of Gamarra are the bargains. They say it is the cheapest place on earth.

So even though it is a big hassle to go and I tell myself every time I will not go there anymore, it is too much. I find myself going back, again.

Gamarra: (a place) a long street full of small shops, big shops, and illegal (illicit/informal) shops that will sell anything /you want/, except drugs, passports or Cuy, which is the Peruvian slang(word) for a Guinea pig. It is a mix of a legal and a black market(kind of/sort of a flee market). If you are looking for clothes and shoes especially, this is the place. (To go)

La Playa de Asia

The Asia District (Distrito de Asia) is one of 16 districts that make up the Peru province of Cañete. It radiates a completely different vibe than the hot and dusty city. A certain (the top a,b,c social-economic) classe(s) of Peruvians, the pitucos which is another word for the ‘snobs’, chose it as their holiday spot. White beach houses, not more than a five-minute walk from the ocean, can be rented. They are all connected through a path that leads to the communal pool area. My cousin and his two best friends opened up a restaurant right by the pool. The MUYU serves one of the best Conchitas a la parmigiana that I have ever tasted. They made their own version out of the signature Peruvian dish called Conchitas de MUYU.

But the highlight of the area is the beach, where the hot sand burns your feet and makes you feel like walking on lava. The best is to sit close to the water and soak up the sun while looking in a clear blue sky. Or go for a swim in the ocean, where the water has the perfect temperature and soft waves carry you gently…

Sandwich de pollo? Sandwich de pollo?

Helados? Helados, lucuma, de chicha o Maracuya, Helados? Voices of beach vendors cut through the peaceful atmosphere. One thing is for sure, there is everything you need at la Playa de Asia.

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