Senses of reality

This installation is an experiment which lets you play with the relationship between reality and virtual reality.

I invite you into the frame of the artwork where you can enter my personal space. You become from the observer and a participant by interacting with several symbolic references.

Through this experience, you become part of the work, by remembering it, you take it outside of itself.

I want to play with the relationship between humans and technology. The concept is to trigger different senses while being in two realities at the same time.

In the VR world you are invited to grab an object. You see the object in digital space, but you feel it in real space. The moment you grab/touch the object something changes with the object and space. It’s a digital reflection vs a physical reflection.


Size : mp4

Material : Unity

Time : 2017

© Copyright - Sandra Zegarra Patow | All works is copyrighted to their respective owners.
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